Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Rhone Glacier - A Classic Case Study in Receding Glaciers

Because of its location in relatively accessible Switzerland, the Rhone Glacier has been somewhat of a tourist attraction since the 1800s or even earlier.

So among the thousands of glaciers around the world that are receding or have already disappeared, the Rhone Glacier is one of the ones that has been observed the most over time.

Here's a collage that shows the shrinkage of the Rhone Glacier:

It looks extreme but that older photo could have been from the 1800s. Still, there is little doubt that this reduction in the size of thousands of glaciers around the world is going to have an increasingly noticeable effect on river flow and fresh water supplies on everything from drinking water to irrigation to navigation.

Also a pretty darn good reason to paint the glaciers. In this abstract series by Tatiana Iliina, viewers are encouraged to appreciate the natural beauty of glaciers and, possibly, to reflect on just how precious and irreplaceable all the natural features of our planet are.

This is the latest painting, the 26th, in Tatiana Iliina's glacier series:

The Rhone Glacier painting is 30 x 36 inches, acrylic on canvas, using the palette knife technique.